St. Peter's Evangelical
      Lutheran Church
             (Missouri Synod)
   43W301 Plank Road
        1/4 Mile East of Route 47
Hampshire, Illinois  60140






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                                          Our History

St. Peter's Evangelical Lutheran
  Church was founded more than
  a hundred years ago, in a small
  town that consisted of a
  blacksmith, a post office and a
  few homes.  The original church
  building was built during that
  time by Presbyterians living in
  the area.  For some un-known
  reason, the Presbyterians did not
  use the church, and in 1873, the
Lutheran families living in the
  area asked for permission to use
  the building for worship.  Pastor
  H.F. Fruechtenicht of St. John's
  Lutheran Church in Elgin was
  asked to conduct the worship
  services, which were conducted     
The original church building still stands at
  every third Sunday afternoon.
           the corner of Plank Road and Route 47 

In the first week of August of 1884, the congregation of St. Peter's
became officialThe constitution was signed by Fred Thies, Fred H.
  Thies, C. Kremke, Fred Hartjie Sr., Fred Stege Sr., J Schroeder, J.
  Kremke, H. Volkening, H. Rohrssen, W. Luther, F.Eineke, Gus
  Mueller, Chris Bremer, Chris Fischer, Louis Voltz, Fred Voltz,
  Theodore Fisher, William Schroeder and J. Lenschow.  Pastor
  Fruechtenicht continued to serve the newly formed congregation until

  In 1888, St Peter's called their first resident pastor, Otto Gruner.  In
  the same year, the congregation decided to purchase the original
  church building from the Presbyterians for seven hundred and
  seventy-five dollars.  The Presbyterian people accepted the offer, on
  condition that any members of the church at the time of the sale
  would be able to have their funeral in the church with their own
  pastors officiating.  Later that year, St. Peter's congregation
  established a parochial school.

  In 1889, the congregation built a parsonage and added a room to the
  rear of the original church.  Ten years later, in 1899, a steeple was
  added to the church and a bell was purchased.

  In 1938, the congregation voted to conduct most of the church
  services in English and having a service in German on the first Sunday
  of each month at 8:00 p.m.  Later that year, the congregation voted to
  move the German service to Sunday afternoonFour years later, in
  1942, the German services were discontinued. 

  In 1946 a basement was added under the church building,  as well
  as a heating system.  In 1947 a well was drilled and bathrooms were

  In 1953, the church received a gift of instrumental music with the
installation of their first organ.  In 1955, stained glass windows were
  installed in the church as memorials by various members and
  organizations of the church.

  In 1986, women received the right to vote for matters of the
  congregation.  A voting change also occurred in 1994 when the voting
  age was changed from thirty one to eighteen.  Also in 1986, St. Peter's
  held its first vacation bible school.  The vacation bible school
  continues to be a summer tradition at St. Peter's.

  In July of 1986, a committee was formed to help move St. Peter's into
  the future.  The committee was formed to find a land site for a new
  church to ease crowding at the original building.  This committee
  purchased a new land site of fifteen acres in 1988, which was located
  just across the street from the original church building.

  In 1990, Mr. Bill Ewald was hired as the architect for the new church
  building.  The congregation voted in 1991 that five hundred thousand
  dollars should be on deposit before any construction would begin on
  the new church.

  In 1991, the congregation added another worship service to their 9:30
  a.m. service.  As a result, an 8:00 am worship service was created.  A
  year later, the congregation decided to change worship services to
  8:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. with Sunday School classes held at 9:15

  In 1993, the congregation reached their original goal of five hundred
  thousand dollars.  Blueprints for the new church were sent out to
  contractors, and in March of 1994, the congregation accepted the
  lowest bid from Sinnet Builders for the construction of the new
  church.  The groundbreaking ceremony was held on April 10, 1994.
  The new church building was finished in 1995, with its first worship
  service held on April 23, 1995.  The dedication ceremony for the new
  church was held on June 11, 1995.  During the ceremony, the oak
  cross from the original church was moved and hung on the front wall
  of the new chancel while the congregation sang Lift High the Cross.
In the fall of 1996, St. Peter's Little Saints Preschool opened to serve
  children ages three, four and five of the congregation and the

  In the summer of 2001, the Rev. Kenneth H. Rozak Bell Tower was
  constructed on the new church ground, housing the church bell from
  the original church. 

  In August of 2011 St. Peter's called it's first assistant pastor.  The
  congregation of St. Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church
  continues to celebrate its past while embracing its future.  Several
historical items from the old church were moved and displayed at the 
  new church during its transition.  These items include the stained glass
  window medallions, the church bell, the oak cross, the communion
  ware, the altar guild cabinets, the lettering from the sign outside the
  old church, the Pascal candle holder and the sanctuary lamp.

                             The Pastors of St. Peter's    

 Reverend H.F. Fruechtenicht

1884 - 1888

 Reverend Otto Gruner      1888 - 1895
 Reverend E.A. Sieving        1895 - 1901
 Reverend William Kistemann   1901 - 1907
 Reverend H.P. Prekel  1907 - 1911
 Reverend L. Baumgaertner    1911 - 1912
 Reverend Otto Hitzeroth 1912 - 1937
 Reverend Paul E. Hartmann 1933 - 1936
 Reverend Martin Behling 1937 - 1940
 Reverend H. H. Heinemann    1940 - 1945
 Reverend Kenneth H. Rozak 1945 - 1983
 Reverend Edward A. Davis 1983 - 2003
 Reverend Paul Dobberstein 2003 - 2004
 Reverend Robert Degner 2004 - 2005
 Reverend Gerhard Mau    

               2005 - 2017

 Reverend Anthony Oliphant

                  2011 - 2015

 Reverend Robert Donovan 2018 -

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